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January 6, 2020

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August 25, 2019

I  have always been interested in how things work, how things come together, how things are built and made. I  also have always loved the creative process and through the years my job has allowed me to explore fully all these fun and exciting areas of interest. 


A few years ago I  started learning the 'how to' of building furniture basics, back then I  hadn't yet ever used a drill let alone a saw.  The drill was a no brainer, but the saw! Uhm yea that thing was intimidating at first, but so is literally everything else in life until you just go for it!  So I did and over the past 5 years my building has come a pretty long way.   I've gone from building stick furniture with 2x4s to building gorgeous and full pieces and while I  wouldn't call myself a master builder by any means I  would say that I  have 'nailed' (see what I  did there :) the art of building these key pieces for my clients ( and a few for myself!).