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Shabby Chic Furniture Makers Welcome! My motto is "I'm here for you!" I believe there is room at the top for all of us to be successful and I'm rooting for your success.  Scroll down and find all the quick links below.  If you have questions, reach out to us anytime!

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What people Are Saying!

Rebecca Richards, Chicago

Nikki is such an inspirational teacher. She takes the time to really listen and to explain things in detail. I am a visual learner & her classes really helped me go from scared to confident and in just a few days. I have been able to increase my prices and I am now attracting a higher-end client base. I highly recommend her courses!

Sarah Honeywell, CA

This Mermaid Paint line is phenomenal! From her cleaning products to her seal this line has everything I needed to create statement pieces.  This line gives me confidence in my final work. I know my finishes will last. Seaside Seal CHANGED MY LIFE! 

Rachel Jackson, PA

Nikki helped me gain confidence in my creativity by walking me through the flipping process from start to finish. I love Seaside Seal and now use it on all my pieces. She's right! It does provide the most durable results, the proof is in my own client testimonies!