Kick your confidence & sales into high gear! This kit was designed with the shabby maker in mind. It has everything you need to create quality finishes on your pieces. 


Say goodbye to: 

Worry & stress 

Ring Marks 

Peeling & Chipping 


What you get: 

  • Marine Clean- Cuts through the years of grime in no time! Simply spray, let penetrate and wipe away!  Creates the PERFECT prepaint surface.  Cleaning is your first step to a truly scratch resistant surface. Enough to mix up twenty 8oz bottles! 


  • Mermaid  Minerals - turn ANY paint into a tough Mineral paint that will adhere to any surface.  This pack has enough Minerals to mix up SIXTEEN (16!) 8oz store samples or 1 full gallon of paint.  

    Want a bigger bag of Mermaid Minerals?  Upgrade this kit to our Pro Mermaid option (in the menu) and get enough to mix 3 gallons of paint. 

    One gallon is enough to mix sixteen 8oz sample sizes.  The 3 gallon size enough to mix up fourty-eight- 8oz samples! 


  • Sea Side Seal - 1 quart size.
    Deliver your gorgeous pieces with confidence knowing you’ll never have to worry about every-day wear & tea.  Say goodbye to water marks!

    Sea Side seal is water resistant, scratch resistant & heat resistant. Unlike wax, which has to be applied annually, our Seaside Seal is one and done.  It fully cures in 24 hours & never has to be reapplied. It also won't get soft or melt in humid summer weather! 


  • Barnical Binder - 16oz size-
    Have a slick surface, or want extra scratch resistance? Barnical Binder is the perfect answer to slick & slippery surfaces, add pre-paint for an extra layer of scratch resistance! It's ideal for cabinets, kitchen tables, nightstands & any piece that will get heavy use. 


  • Seaside glaze - Dye to any color!  1 Quart size.
    POP your details and get artistic, fun and easy to use and can be dyed to any color! Glaze is great way to add depth to otherwise flat & boring pieces. 


Kit also includes: 

  • All the accessories you need to to mix, buff and seal! 
  • 2 Mixing/  storing containers w/ lids 
  • chip brush (perfect for glazing!) 
  •  2" professional round brush 
  • Sea Slug Sliders - apply to drawer tracks for easy & smooth gliding drawers 
  • Mixing sticks- perfect for blending paint 
  • Steel wool - cleaning & prep 
  • Seaside Sponge - for applying Binder & Seal 
  • Buffing sanding sponge- 
  • Mixing beaker & whisk 
  • Spray bottle for marine clean mixing 


Take your painting confidence to the next Level by getting superior finishes you can trust. 

Pro Mermaid Maker Bundle