Dries crystal Clear. Creates a water and scratch resistant final finish. 

Directions: This product can be brushed on, sprayed on or wiped on (using our signature Sea Side Sponge). To seal your Mermaid paint Simple apply in thin even coats.


To spray: fill your gun, set your tension and spray 1-3 even coats being sure to avoid drips. 


To Wipe on: wet your Sea Side Sponge (sold Separately)  in water and ring out until damp (this helps the sponge collect less product so you’re using only what you need).  Apply in even thin coats with moderate pressure, being sure to go in the direction on of your brush strokes. Repeat until you have the finish you like. 


To brush on: wet your brush with water then ring out until damp then dip and brush in the direction of your brush strokes until your surface is fully covered being sure to avoid runs. 


See website for full tutorials and FAQs www.shabbychicinc.com 

SeaSide Seal