Our SeaSide Glaze is Non-Toxic and can be tinted to any color! Our Transparent glaze is great for layering paint style. This is a GREAT product to use when your pieces just needs a little extra pop.  Glaze is fantastic for pulling the character and detail out of a piece.  Glaze kits are available with or without tint.  

Directions:  Paint your piece as desired and let it fully dry. Mix up 8 oz of glaze to 1-2 oz of paint.  Add additional paint slowly while stirring to get the depth of color you want. Working in small sections, apply glaze liberally to pieces then immediately wipe off with a damp paper towel or reusable ready wipe. You can remove as much as you’d like until you achieve the desired effect. See our website for full tutorials! www.shabbychicinc.com 


Purchase Glaze in 16oz, 32oz, or in the KIT! 

SeaSide Glaze