Mermaid mineral powders are a patented & trademarked paint additive that turns any brand, any color paint into Mineral paint. Mineral Paint is durable & will attach to ANY surface! 


Once mixed you can Spray or brush it, simple adjust to the consisteny you desire and apply how you choose! 


It is that easy! 


It's completely customizable to YOU! 


  • For brands that are thinner, add more minerals! 
  • For brands that are thicker add more water! 

    You get to decide what consistency you like best! 


Mermaid Minerals are availalbe in: 


1 quart (enough to mix 1 quart of paint OR {4}- 8oz sizes

1 gallon (enough to mix 1 gallon of paint OR {16}- 8oz sizes

3 gallon (enough to mix 3 gallons or paint OR {48}- 8oz sizes 


Mermaid Minerals are: 

Non toxic

No odor 

Easy to use 





Mermaid Mineral Powder