The starter bundle was created for anyone that wants to sample this amazing line up of products. You get everything you need from clean to seal! 


What's in the box: 

  • Marine Clean enough for twenty 8oz bottles. 

    Cuts through years of grime. It's your first step to a durable finish, it cuts through dirt & greece like no other. 


  • Mermaid Mineral Powders 1 quart size
    Turn any paint into a tough and durable mineral paint that will attach to any surface. Enough to mix 1 quart of paint or four 8oz sample sizes. 


  • Seaside Seal- 1 quart
    Deliver your pieces with confidence knowing you’ll never have to worry about everyday ware and tear again. It's heat, water and scratch resistant and unlike wax, which has to be reapplied annually, Seaside Seal never has to be reapplied. 


  • Barnacle binder - 16oz
    use on slick surfaces for added scratch protection. This product is great for kitchen cabinets, vanities, desks & any surface that will get heavy usage


  • Kit also includes:
    2" chip brush 
    SeaSide sponge applicator (great for appying Seal & Binder!) 
    2 mixing sticks
    2 storage containers w/ lids
    Steel wool for cleaning prep
    Mineral Mixing Whisk 
    Measure scoop for perfectly measured mineral every time! 
    Sand sponge 
    Mixing Beaker


Take your painting and. confidence to the next level! 


Mermaid Starter Bundle