Glazes have the ability to bring your pieces to life. Glazes BRING out the details and help create definition on otherwise simplistic pieces.


So..... With so many glazing options HOW does one choose a product and application technique that will provide the outcome you have dreamed up? There literally hundreds of glazing and appication  techniques  to choose from.   


This is a fun and interactive half day class will explore in detail glaze types, application techniques and all my secrets to getting the BEST and most BEAUTIFUL results!  


All classes times will be coordinated after checkout, don't worry! We have weekday and weekend class times available and we'll coordinate with you to find the perfect time for your class. 


All class materials will be provied.  

Introduction to Glaze Techniques

  • Because your class time is being held exclusivly for you, there are no refunds, exchanges or credits. 

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