Barnicle Binder is the PERFECT solution for heavy use pieces like dining tables, dressers, nightstands and coffee tables.  It offers a must have first layer of scratch protection by binding down into the surface of your piece.  


This means you get an extra tough layer of bonded scratch protection that bond directly with your first layer of paint to create a truly remarkable scratch resistant  finish. 


A little goes a long way and its EASY to apply. Simply brush or sponge onto your piece, let dry and paint! 


Barnacle Binder helps create a pre-paint scratch resistant surface. For use on wood and wood products.  Dries Clear.  



Directions: Wash your piece with our Marine Clean deep cleaning solution. 2. Wipe dry. 3. Apply a thin coat of Barnacle binder being sure to cover all areas.  If your piece is super slick you can apply the 2nd coat.  Wait one hour between coats.



Barnical Binder