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DIY Coastal Bedroom Makeover On A Budget!

Updated: Feb 18

Our bedrooms should be our soft place to fall. They should immediately make us feel peaceful, happy and restful. To often though, life gets busy and our bedrooms become dumping grounds for everything we don't have time to put away. (or may this is just Me lol)

Our master has been in need of a makeover for a few years and I finally took the time to make it a priority this past month and I'm so happy I did! Let's jump right in shall we!

First lets take a look at some before shots.

This shot was pre-move in, it's from the original realtor listing. (don't you just love that green carpet lol and those mauve blinds?!)

When we first moved into our home I was kind of all over the place with my decor style, and I thought I wanted a darker room to promote sleep and rest, what I realized though is that dark walls and decor depress me, so when it was done it never truly felt like me or reflected that peaceful, bright and restful space I was truly wanting. The floors were way to dark for me but on the day I had carved out to install them, HD was out of the flooring I wanted and I picked this up just to get it done. I never liked them. I lived with this for the past several years (7!) and decided it was time for a BIG change.

headboard = old door + 2x wood boards

My goal for my remodel was LIGHT, BRIGHT and AIRY with a coastal vibe, with the space reflecting my love for the ocean and all my favorite things and colors. I have to say, this time it's a winner! Wait till you see the finished photos! I'm in love is all I can say!

The first thing I did was create an accent shiplap wall to provide depth and character and contrast, then I painted everything white!

shiplap on a budget
shiplap going up

Here is the process of the shiplap as I was going. This a very cost effective way to install shiplap on a budget and is very easy and user friendly to put up and work with. I will be showcasing that in another blog post very soon.

After that I started in on my flooring, new flooring was going to cost upwards of 1K for this space and my floors had nothing wrong with them and I wasn't really excited about dropping that kind of money just for a color change. After much thought and contemplation and reading I decided to try my hand at painting them, adding back in some grain then sealing for a driftwood look / feel! Well I LOVE the results. They came out better than the flooring options I was seeing too.

Here is the tool I used to create that grain along with a short video of the process.

I was sure to seal my floors using my Seal Side Seal From my Mermaid Paint line and I have to say, this is my favorite seal for everything that I want to protect, from furniture to floors! When cured, and it cures fast!, it is water resistant and scratch resistant! It's hands down my favorite ! It will never leave water marks, is non toxic but durable and strong. It's a WIN win!

Use code Seal20 to get 20% off your seal here. www.shabbychicinc.com


Once the floors were finished my next big project was to create a faux wall window sill in front of our sliders. We have several sets of sliders that go out to our pool and the ones off the master never were used, we have our pool sitting area there now with our sectional right on the other side of the sliders so my view from inside was just the back of the outside sofa. The faux wall is totally removable too so when we decide to move it can easily be taken down and I'll only have to patch a few screw holes!

Here is the after along that wall. I will be creating a blog post for this DIY too so stay tuned if you're wanting more info on that! It was easy and only took a few hours to complete.

And Finally Here is at the full room reveal !! The space is totally transformed and I feel like I'm walking into a private little beach oasis every time I walk in. The ocean is a place of peace and calming to me and the water has always had a way of grounding me and making me feel whole and safe. This vibe fills me with so much joy and happiness!

Coastal Dream Bedroom
Painting Custom created by Iris Bean

My Octopus and Sand Dollar paintings were custom creations done by Iris Bean, you can find her work here. I have several of her pieces in our home and I LOVE her work! She always listens to my visions and then puts her twist on things and I'm never sad when she's done! GO hit her up on Instagram with a follow and show her some love!

All colors showcased are from my Mermaid Paint line
Mermaids make my heart sing!

I have been collecting blue vintage mason jars for over a a decade or two! I love the color so much and they bring me so much joy. These are woven all throughout our home and I use them as often as possible in my decor. Decor is all about what makes you heart feel happy!

Fill your space with meaningful things that make your heart happy. Left photo are castings we took of the kids fingers and toes, our twins were two WEEKS OLD when these were taken. If you look close you can even see the prints. They are so detailed it's almost like holding their tiny little piggies. On the right are photos of my husband and I as wee littles and that is one of my husband matchbox cars from childhood.

These books are all signed copies of my favorite authors my husband has gotten me over the years. I love them so much! The covers were very dark and didn't fit my decor so I just flipped them around to brighten the space up a bit, still sentimental, but brighter! Vintage camersa are another one of my loves, having been a professional photographer for over 20 years I love everything vintage and camera related, I love seeing my treasures on displace in ways I can enjoy them!

Sharks Teeth we found on Shark Tooth beach in Florida
Boho blend using various colors from my line!
Mermaids are the bomb diggity
Custom Farmhouse Shelf I built, Painted in Mermaid Tail

I am so in LOVE with this space and it was worth all the hard work and effort.

My total cost on this space was limited to; 1/4" plywood (I used for cost effective shiplap), paint and muscle. It really doesn't cost much to revamp a space. Most of my decor was on hand an I just moved it from other rooms into this one.

You've heard me say it before and I'll say it again; Home should be a reflection of who you are and be filled with the things you love!

What do you think? How does your bedroom space feel? Are you ready for a makeover too?

If you are I say go for it! It's so worth the time and effort.


Momma Bean!

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