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A Simple Guide to Daily Journaling for Business Success

I LOVE lists... I love making them, I love checking off things as I accomplish them! I have also always loved journaling, I have done it for years and it's been great for gathering thoughts and figuring out emotions and life. Then one day a few years back I discovered a different kind of journaling that incorporates all the things I love about journaling with extra focuses on LISTS, CHECKMARKS and MOTIVATION! Could there be anything more exciting build into ONE platform! 😂

The brand of journaling that got me into this was called (affiliate link) 'Panda Planner'.

Why do I love these ? They make accomplishing tasks easy, effortless and the confirmation of accomplishment is instant (as long as you're willing to actually DO the things you put on your list! 😂 If you are not absolutely addicted to checking off your to do list then this might not be for you!)

The journal is set up simple, on the left side of each day you have your morning view, things you're grateful for, things you're excited about, this really gets your morning started right with your head in a positive place and your heart ready for positive experiences.

Next: you have a list of your TOP FIVE priorities for the day. I LOVE this as well because to often the reason we are overwhelmed is because we have TO many things that need doing. This helps to sort through all the things and prioritize things. I always place the top five things in this area that are overwhelming me the most because guess what? When we are overwhelmed by things it leads to procrastination of EVERYTHING ! Starting off your day by accomplishing the things you are most overwhelmed by clears your energy space and opens up opportunities to actually get to the other things in your life that also need doing and removes that HUGE burden of "I'm running out of time and can't get anything done!"

On the other side of the daily page spread you'll find an amazing longer list that allows you to break up your day into hours, this is great if you have certain things you can only accomplish at certain times or if you are a person who functions better with an hourly 'get it done schedule'. I tend to not use this section as often but on days with lots of appointments it's nice to see everything in one spot!

You'll also find another spot that lets you list daily tasks, I normally fill this section up with my smaller daily tasks.

At the end of the day there is a spot to review your WINS of the day and to address areas where you can improve your time management.

These journals are not cheap, but it's money well spent. I just LOVE these journals and feel like they kick ass in the motivation and organizing my brain department of my life! Once I used this panda planner for a full month (experts say it takes 2 weeks for something to become familiar and a full 30 days of consistency for it to become routine, so using their journal layout for your first month is KEY to motivation success.)

I moved onto these cool dot journals called (affiliate link) Scribbles that matter. These journals are blank other than the dots so I just create my own lists each morning and areas of focus. I love the scribble journals too because I love to doodle, draw out my building plans, etc etc. If you feel overwhelmed by blank pages then it's probably best to stick to the Panda Planner!

I have found that since I began journaling in this style my productivity has increase 100% and often times I'm done with a full days worth of tasks by 1pm. This provides so much more time to focus on other things.... like blogging 😂 and sharing much knowledge with you all.

Whether you're a journalling pro, just starting or addicting to list making, this style of journaling can be an amazing asset to your daily productivity!

Have you tried this style of journaling before? Share your feedback with us in the comments!

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