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Farmhouse Barn door Tv Credenzas Custom Builds & More!

I have always been interested in how things work, how things come together, how things are built and made. I also have always loved the creative process and through the years my job has allowed me to explore fully all these fun and exciting areas of interest.

A few years ago I started learning the 'how to' of building furniture basics, back then I hadn't yet ever used a drill let alone a saw. The drill was a no brainer, but the saw! Uhm yea that thing was intimidating at first, but so is literally everything else in life until you just go for it! So I did and over the past 5 years my building has come a pretty long way. I've gone from building stick furniture with 2x4s to building gorgeous and full pieces and while I wouldn't call myself a master builder by any means I would say that I have 'nailed' (see what I did there :) the art of building these key pieces for my clients ( and a few for myself!).

Here is one of my earlier stick builds, it's a very cool and fun piece and this style is perfect for anyone looking to create something while learning and getting over the fear of the saws (which really are NOT scary! Just follow safety measures). It's a simple 2 by construction but it creates a very solid piece. I still LOVE this style for benches!

This biggest gift you can give yourself when you're learning something new is the opportunity to just go for it! So what if it's not perfect the first time, you are LEARNING something new and you'll get to perfection or some form of perfection later BUT you'll never get there if you don't start at the beginning.

Now jump to current and here are just a few of my builds from this year so far. These are all available for customization and can be ordered in any size and color combo. Pricing starts at $95 per linear sq ft.

Farmhouse Sliding Barn Door Credenzas

This style measures 74"w x 18"d x 37"t - the shelving spans the length of the piece and offers tons of generous storage inside.

These Can be customized with stained or painted tops!

This one measures 66"w x 18"d x 35"t -

Kids Table and chair sets!

These are available in multiple sizes / age ranges, this is one recommended height and size for ages 2+ - these can be custom ordered in any size and color combo. All pieces including chairs are custom built, solid wood, smooth edges, smooth surfaces and professionally spray sealed finishes.

Custom cabinets and other fun playing!

Here are a few more random builds from my last fews years to current. If you're wanting to try building all I can say is go DOOOO it! it's SO MUCH FUN! If you're local and would rather have us build and paint for you then text us for your free quotes :)

Here is a super sweet book case I made using old cabinet doors, some chicken wire and some reclaimed barn wood. ** note girls with brushes was my business name until last fall when we changed it to Shabby Chic Shenanigans. You can learn more about why we did that name change here.

Dining table and bench custom build. These are available for full customization, size and color combos.

Coastal coffee tables are so fun! I Love to add in some charge where I can so as a norm for me I will use my router to create some fun edging on all my builds, this give my pieces more of a custom and refined look.

Display cabinet / bookcase. I ended up using this in my studio for a paint display and we LOVE it! reclaimed wood, feet and doors all used to create something new!

So get out there and DO all the things you want to do! They are only scary until you start then the fear really does disappear gradually as your confidence grows. !

Looking to have something built and local to the Sarasota FL area? Contact me for your free quote :)

have a FUN day!


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