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Curious Wine Bars From Curbside Finds!

One of my favorite things about my job is the process of creating new from the old. This takes on many shapes and forms and sometimes it literally starts from a trash curb side find. Yes! I am ONE of THOSE people who will stop in heavy traffic to pick up a cool piece discovered in someone else's throw away pile. No! I am not ashamed of it! Creating something beautiful from trash is not only saving the environment, it's feeding that creative spirit in me that thrives on transforming pieces.

Over the years I've done several of these makeovers but these were two of my favorites, mostly because they were both trash rescues!

This one started out as well worn mid century modern dresser that I found curbside.

From Trash to Treasure!

The shell of this next one came from an old bookcase I found in my neighbor's trash and the bottom feet came from another neighbors trash pile, I collected those each over a two week period then they sat in my studio for months before I found the creative vision to put them together.

SO next time you drive by someones trash pile, slow down and see if there is something there you can use to create something NEW! Recycling at it's best!


Mrs (momma bean) shenanigans!

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