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A Kitchen Makeover, From Builder Grade Boring to Farmhouse Fresh!

When we were looking at homes we nearly walked away from our home because of the kitchen. After writing several pro and con lists we ultimately decided that location was the one thing we couldn't change. Given that we were in love with the private conservation lot and the neighborhood we moved forward with our home purchase knowing we could change the kitchen (and other interior 'not loves') later. We are coming up on our 5 year housaersary next week and looking back at our before photos I can say with pride that I LOVE our home now, inside and out!

Here are pics from our kitchen before we did any work. It's a typical basic Florida builder grade kitchen. Things we didn't love? The honey oak cabinets, the old appliances, the green counters, the yellow paint, no island for starters. But the same is great! The light is fabulous and the potential for a transformation was definitely there!

It's amazing what painting kitchen cabinets can do to a space! We also removed that useless overhang which was blocking light! Added in some new appliances, some granite, some shiplap and some tin backsplashes and it's a full transformation!

Here is my after reno!

I went back and forth on whether or not to shiplap the entire kitchen but in the end decided to only go as high as the cabinets. I feel like this grounded the space and pulled in the farmhouse feel and coziness of the room.

This custom little shelf nook I created to display my Rae Dunn collection is one of my favorite things in my kitchen :)

My display of vintage mason jars is another one of my favorite things!

This baking nook area was transformed into open shelving so allow for easy access to the most used kitchen items. We have a LOT of cabinet space in our kitchen / pantry / Island so making these two cabinets open concept felt the right call. It centers this wall while making a statement and still allows us plenty of hidden storage. Plus I LOVE seeing all my Rae Dunn collection overtime I pass through the kitchen. It brings me JOY!

So in the end I think it's safe to say that location is definitely the one thing you cannot change, but the contents of your home, the colors, cabinets, appliances, flooring, trim, basically everything inside your sell can be upgraded and changed to suit your style. So my two cents is to LOVE your location , LOVE your view, LOVE your neighbors, LOVE your neighborhood and buy your home based on those things, the inside will one day be the way you want it to be! All you need to make it happen is a little vision and some sweat equity !

xoxoxoxox Mrs. (momma bean) Shenanigans

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