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Big Announcement !

I've always been a person who runs on inspiration and passion. I also am a person who loves change. I love the excitement of fulfilling a vision, a dream or goal. I have never gotten stuck on having to stay on one path, I strive to live my life being open to opportunity wherever it has offered itself to me.

When I started Girls With Brushes I had a vision for where I wanted it to go. I thought that maybe someday one of my girls would be interested in joining the biz. It turns out that my son is the one that has an interest in doing that! Girls with Brushes has grown beyond my original vision and has expanded into much more than just a girl with a brush. It has flourished and though I couldn't be happier with my experiences both with clients and with the opportunity to create on a daily basis I have come to realize it's TIME FOR CHANGE!

I am ready for NEW and exciting growth in my company and with that I have decided it's time for a NEW NAME, one that reflects all areas of my creativity and includes the opportunity for any one of my five children to become part of the business if they so choose.

While I will STILL be primarily focused on interior decor design and furniture transformations, my company will soon include; partnerships with the brands I love, tutorials on techniques, classes for beginners and business mentorships. Knowing where I want my business to GROW I wanted a new business name that would reflect everything I love about my current offerings while giving room to my new passions and goals.

so without further ado! Girls With Brushes is now..... Shabby Chic Shenanigans inc.


momma bean


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