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Vintage Window Repurpose

One of the things I love about my job is that I get to play with so many unique pieces. I love transforming old and tired pieces into beautiful vintage looking statement pieces that fit modern day decor. At home I’m a master purger, I don’t get emotionally tied to things, but at work I’m a collector and a keeper of all things old and vintage…… I mean you just never know when you will need them to create something beautiful!

This past week I put many of the treasures I have collected to good use and created a custom cabinet. I’ve had the itch to create something from scratch for a while, in particularly with a window. An unexpected hole in my schedule provided me with the perfect opportunity to focus on my building creativity.

Here are some of the random pieces I was able to use to construct my cabinet.

These cabinet doors were removed from a piece I turned into an open bookcase. These became the side of my cabinet.

This old window became the front door of my cabinet. Old windows are never fully square so this did require some planing to get square but was well worth the efforts.

I also used many pieces of reclaimed wood to frame up the cabinet doors for the sides and the window in the front.

The window was the focal point and guest start of this show and everything was built around it. Basically I just laid the window on the floor and took some quick measurements then cut my wood pieces to frame it up. Once cut, I used my pocket hole tool to predrill pocket holes that would allow me to connect all the pieces.

Once my frame was built I attached my window (using vintage hinges that came from an old door which is now my headboard) then created the base of my cabinet (pic missing sorry! sometimes I get so wrapped up in the moment that I forget to photograph the steps) from remnant pieces of planked wood I have been stockpiling for the perfect project.

once the piece was mounted to my base I added on some bun feet. I wasn’t completely happy with the look of the original bun feet, they didn’t really provide the ‘wow’ for the piece that was wanting, so I took them off an added on some recycled French claw feet ….. and that was much for eye appealing to me.

Here is the cabinet with 4″ bun feet. ( Even the wood appliqués are recycled from another job.)

Here is the cabinet with the claw feet….. which I’m so much happier with!

And here it is in my family room…… I am still completing this room and will be blogging about all the changes I made to it soon. It has gone through a full transformation since we moved it and it’s finally getting the finishing touches!

The vintage hinges and the recycled wood appliqués made the front of this cabinet come to life with character, dimension and texture.

I really love how it turned out…. I mean I cannot stop looking at it….

Remember, your home should welcome you in, wrap you in loving light and be a place of peace, safety and nurturing. If HOME doesn’t represent that it’s time for change. If you’re ready for change contact me. I offer interior design consults and custom painted furniture pieces that will help you turn your house into a home.

xoxo Momma Bean

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