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Electric Fireplace Makeover

Since moving to Florida we have missed our gas run fireplaces that complemented our home on Cape Cod. The home we purchased here has no gas line and honestly with the heat index the way it is putting in a gas line (or tank) for the purpose of a fireplace seems a bit silly on the spending front. I set out on our local swap groups in search of an electric fireplace that has the look and feel of an authentic gas fireplace, not soon after I started my search I scored this beauty for $100 and quickly painted it to go with my decorating goals. It has heat and the flame is pretty authentic looking and gives us the option to run it on flame only which accommodates our Florida lifestyle pretty well!

The fireplace has been moved around a bit from the family room to the formal living room (which doubles as my home office) and has resided here sitting and waiting patiently for me to get my act together enough to decide on what to do with the rest of this wall space….. for going on 4 years it’s been patiently waiting….. and waiting…. and waiting ……

and waiting for inspiration to strike me. WELL it has finally struck! I was hit with the shiplap bug and hit hard and ever since I have had this amazing vision for this space and I’m excited to announce that I AM STARTING THIS PROJECT TOMORROW!

Stay tuned for the process of how I’m installing my shiplap on a budget and for a tutorial on how to make some cool farmhouse rustic wall shelves that will complement my shiplap farmhouse vision perfectly.

Keep on keeping on! Be inspired by everything that makes you Happy!

xoxo Momma Bean

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