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Welcome to our Mermaid-Maker Ambassador Program page!

This program is uplifting, creative, and joy-filled...


Our focus is on community, giving back, lifting each other up, and offering support and individual business growth for all active members while showering members with amazing FREE products.   


You must have the following to qualify: 


  • **Home-based business

  • **Under 10k insta following (a little over is fine, most newly chosen ambassadors have under 5k. Because our group is focused on community and support we prefer new businesses!)

  • **Active FB / Insta accounts 

  • **Actively posting reels / stories / posts 

  • **Stylish portfolio 

  • **Professionally staged after photos 


There’s no fee to join the program and you get some great perks! To apply simply fill out the application. If your business is selected and you become an ambassador for shabby chic shenanigans you’ll receive: 


Choose from one of the following: 


  • **Business Starter Bundle will ship every 6 weeks (seen here) 

  • **The Business Pro Bundle will ship every 12 weeks.  Better for high-volume businesses that turn over a lot of pieces. (Seen here) 


You also receive:


  • **Exclusive membership to the New Shabby Chic Shenanigans Mermaid Maker support group.   In the group we share work, get/receive feedback, support one another.   The group focuses on business growth, social sharing & friendships. We believe the world is big enough for everyone to find and have success.  We celebrate each other’s growths, milestones, and journeys.  

  • **Access to free products as they are tested/released to test and provide feedback.

  • **High-posting members who use their supply up quickly can level up to receive additional free products to use in between regular shipments.  

  • **An exclusive re-order code for 30% off additional products and materials. This discount is exclusive to Mermaid Makers & is good towards any Shabby Chic Shenanigans product in the shop! 


What you give in return:


  • **A minimum of one Weekly share of your work in process / final staged pieces using shabby chic shenanigans product line up.  Tags to shabby chic shenanigans with posts.  (These posts cannot contain other affiliate links) 

  • **One reel post per week featuring shabby products with tags and hashtags linked back to us  

  • **Support for other members in the Mermaid community; show love on each other’s posts, help grow each other’s social reaches.  We all know how important those comments, likes, and shares are to growth.  { this group has been structured to help each member GROW their businesses while trying new products } 

  • **Offer kind feedback to those in the group 

  • **Be willing to try new things, blends, color combos, etc 

  • **Keep your social media accounts active with daily posts/stories 

You can begin the application here: