Frequently asked questions

Is your paint chalk paint?

Mermaid Paint is a water based Mineral paint. It is durable, creamy and easy to work with. Mermaid Paint can be: brushed, sprayed or rolled. It's extremely durable. Mermaid Paint ships with a mineral packet, simply add to your paint and apply!

Is mixing the minerals into the paint hard?

NO, in fact is extremly simple and easy! Simply combined 2 scoops of minerals with 2 scoops water and add to your paint! Stir and apply.

Why aren't the minerals already added to the paint?

When you add the minerals at the time of use, you avoid waste because you are using ONLY what you need each time. Once minerals are added to the paint, the shelf life is shortened. Most chalk / Mineral / Mud paint lines with the minerals already added at the time of purchase tend to get gooey and thick and un-spreadable pretty quickly after being opened. So, by adding at the time of use you are not only avoiding waste, but your mineral paint is FRESHER and more fun to use!

My paint seems too thick or thin after mixing, what do I do?

Easy peezy. If it's feeling too thick, add a few tablespoons of water to your paint to thin it back out to your liking. This paint is EASY to use. Don't be afraid to add a little more water if it appears too thick. If it feels too thin, you can add in a bit more paint to thicken it up OR mix another half batch of minerals and add it to the paint. See the Mermaid Minder Powder mixing video above too!

Is your paint non-toxic safe for kids and pets?

Yes! My entire paint line is non-toxic. My Mermaid Paint is non-toxic AND NO VOC.

How do I mix my Marine Clean, and what can I use it on?

Our Marine Clean is THE best for cutting through grime and build up. It is non-toxic. It is safe to use only on wood furniture. Do not use metal or natural stone. Mix 1 TSP of Marine Clean into 8oz of warm water, shake until mixed thoroughly, spray onto your piece generously and let it sit for 3-5 min. Use a fine-grade steel wool to fully loosen all the grime, then wipe clean and dry with a towel.

After I clean my piece, what next?

After your piece has been thoroughly cleaned and dried, you are ready for your next step. If you're not worried about bleed through then YES, you can jump right to paint. If you want to block bleed through, you'll want to apply our stain block. Our stain block is available in either white or clear drying. If you are applying to a shiny or slick surface we recommend using our Barnicle Binder first for the most durable and scratch resistant surface.

How do I choose which stain block to use? Stop the yellowing!?

Vintage pieces sometimes need the extra step of the stain block. Whatever you put on your piece, it will show through when you distress, so it's important to know your end game before choosing. Our SeaSide primer is easy to use and is available in both a white and a dries clear option. I recommend using white if your paint color is a lighter (close to white) based color, it'll make your color pop more with less work. I recommend the dries clear SeaSide Primer when you don't want any bottom color to show through when you distress or use a darker paint color. If you're painting over red mahogany we recommend using spray shellack in a can!

Tips for applying paint?

1. Make sure your piece is CLEAN and stain blocked if needed. Wet your brush and ring dry. You want it damp, not soaking wet. Working with a moist brush minimizes the amount of paint a dry brush will continue to absorb, so you use less product, AND you make your clean up easier. A damp brush also will reduce paintbrush strokes. You can keep a little water spritzer in your paint toolbox and gently mist your piece as you go to help minimize strokes further.
2. I recommend working in sections, being sure your paint strokes always go in the same direction. Use a good brush and don't apply to much paint at once, a little goes a long way!

I LOVE the painting process, its so relaxing and fun. Put on some good tunes or your favorite podcast and get lost in the magic!

How many coats of paint will I need?  What is the drying time between coats?

This depends on your end game. If you are doing a piece with little to no distressing it'll require more paint, on average 2-3 coats should be magic. Typically only 2 are required and sometimes you'll only need one! Mermaid Paint dries pretty fast, typically it will be dry enough for a second coat in 30-60 minutes. This will vary based on the thickness of your paint, the humidity / heat in your work area and the color. Darker colors have more dye in them and do take a slightly longer time to dry than the lighter and mid-based colors. This is normal!

My dark colors seem to be going on streaky on the first coat, why?

As mentioned above the darker colors have more dye in them and because of the total saturation of the dark based colors, the first coat will be streaky, this is normal! You will also notice that secondary coats, while wet will appear streaky but once dry they will dry solid. Darker colors, like Blue Lobster and Lobster will take slightly longer to dry. If they feel too thick you can add a little extra water to the minerals to thin it out until it's to your liking. This paint is completely customizable, so don't be afraid to thin or thicken to your liking.

Some of my lighter shades seem really thick out of the container?

This is normal and totally awesome! I worked with my chemist to create my Mermaid Paint to be versatile and user friendly while offering the best coverage. The lighter colors are a bit thick out of the can because they contain a non streaking binder to aide in offering better coverage with less coats. If, after adding in your minerals, your paint feels too thick for your liking simply add in 1TSP of warm water at a time while mixing until you get the consistency you want. This paint is SUPER user friendly and customizable, you really can't mess it up!

I'm done painting, what's the next step?

Once you're done painting you get to decide what you want your final piece to look like.
Are you distressing with your sander?
Are you adding Glaze?
If you're not distressing or adding in glaze then your next step is SEAL! If you are distressing with your sander then do this step, clean off the dust with damp towel then move on to seal.
If you are glazing you'll want to do this step before final seal. I recommend 2 final coats of seal. I typically will apply my first coat of seal after distressing, once dry I'll do my glazing steps then move onto final seal once the glaze has dried.

Why don't you offer wax, I only see Seal in your store?

I don't use wax because I don't feel it offers the best protection or durability on pieces. When I created this line I wanted it to be simple and EASY to use, and I really wanted the final quality to be extraordinary. Simply put, wax is not a permanent seal. Wax has to be applied annually to pieces, it also gets soft in warm weather and humidity AND you have to be care about placing hot beverages etc... on waxed pieces (because WAX MELTS when its warm!)
I worked with my chemist to create a TOP OF THE LINE seal. Guys! it's SO easy to apply, you can brush it on, spray it on or apply with our SeaSide sponge. Its fast drying and curing and leaves your finish water and scratch resistant! Plus IT'S WAY EASIER TO APPLY THAN WAX! Goodbye shoulder and neck pain!

Do you offer local pickup or delivery?

Yes! We have local, to your door delivery options two days per week. For a limited time during our launch this service will be FREE on orders placed over $200. Our local delivery options are available in the following areas: Parrish, Palmetto, Ellenton, Sarasota, and Bradenton.

Where are you located?

We are local family owned and operated. We are local to the Ellenton outlet area of Florida. We are by appointment only for in person viewings and our website is always open for browsing and research!

How much does one container of paint cover?

Mermaid paint has great coverage. You can expect the following: (just keep in mind that your end finish goals can effect the coverage AKA darker colors will require more paint, extra coats for no distressing will add more coats and = less coverage)
8oz sample sizes = 1 small side or end table.
16oz size = 1 medium dresser and 2 small/ medium nightstands
32oz size = 1 large credenza, 2 accent tables, 1 small dresser and 1 tall dresser.

Do I really need to seal?

Yes! Seal in the final step and one of the most important. I know a lot of brands out there claim to be one step with no seal needed. I have used those brands and what you don't know up front is that those paints take a FULL 30 days to cure and until they cure your paint will remain soft and dings and nicks are common. After that, I have found personally that the 'built in seal' was never durable enough for my liking. When I paint something I want it done forever and for good and I don't want my customers to have deal with touchups later.

How is Your seal different?

Seaside seal is different because ....... you can trust it to last! Unlike waxes that have to be re-applied annually. Seaside seal is ONE and DONE. it dries crystal clear and rock hard. It will not yellow or get soft in heat like waxes It's Heat resistant Water resistant Scratch resistant safe for children and pets. self leveling won't chip or peel Fully protects your pieces so you don't have to worry!

How long until my order ships?

We ship out 2-3 business days after your order is placed. Orders ship 2-3 priority mail unless otherwise noted. In person pickups are available same day in most cases. Local delivery is only available 2 days per week, so be sure to text me direct if you have questions about the schedule 941-720-5383. Texts are answered during normal business hours Mon-Fri 10am -4pm

Do you have a product that binds to shiny surfaces for better scratch resistance?

Yes! My Barnacle Bind is the GO TO product for shiny or otherwise hard to adhere to surfaces. You can use it on wood, metal and even glass! It binds with the surface to create a FULLY scratch resistant surface that your paint can absorb down into. This product helps your paint penetrate the surface vs sitting on top of it! It's a must have for things that get a lot of use, like dining tables and bedside stands!

How Do I apply SeaSide Glaze?

SeaSide glaze is the perfect go-to for adding charachter and depth to otherwise flat and boring pieces. It's also my every day go to for popping intricate details on ornate vintage pieces. It's easy to mix, has a long working time frame and easy to apply & remove. If using over mermaid paint you do NOT have to seal pre-glaze!

Tell me more about your brushes please!

Hands down my brushes are the best I have ever used. I wasted years of my life using crappy brushes and when I started using the ones in my line I realized how bad my other ones were. A good brush wil: * Hold paint better * Help to eliminate the use of brush strokes *Be non-Shedding *Come in the sizes and styles you need to complete all your tasks *Be easy to clean

Do you offer business classes?

YES! I am passionate about teaching and empowering people to live the lives of their dreams. This industry is lucrative, fun and creative so if you've been wanting to learn the ropes this is your time! I offer stand alone classes and I offer classes in conjunction with my paint products. My Tsunami Sadiee kit is my business starter package. It includes every single thing from my line, including one quart of each color AND a 1 hour in person (for locals) or phone, facetime or skype session with me where we can talk about anything and everything furniture painting and business starting! See the full kit here.

Do you offer a Starter package option for sampling your items?

YES! I do! :) The Hurricane Andie Kit was designed for sampling and checking out the line. You can find it here

Meet Me and find out my WHY?! :)

HI! I'm Nikki, the face behind shabby chic shenanigans and the creator of Mermaid Paint. The release of my paint line has been a LONG 8 year journey that finally resulted in my full line launch in the fall of 2020. I am a momma to five amazing souls. We homeschooled all of our kiddos; they are all now successfull entrepeners living their lives full of joy, creativity and passion. When our last baby flew the nest my focus quickly shifted from teaching my own kids how to live their dreams to teaching other mommas this industry from the ground up. We can all be successful. We can all have the lives we dream of We can all be financially comfortable We can be good mommas AND work. This industry lets us have it all. Family time creativity finanically success passion friendships vacation time independence I believe there is room at the top for all of us to be successful and my dream is to see you reach that beautiful place of harmony !