take away the fear

Fear of messing up is what stops most of us from even attempting to start.  Raise your hand if you can relate! 

I Have found that most creatives are visual learners, my course was designed with this in mind.  It's hands-on; you'll be able to apply techniques learned in class quickly and efficiently. 

If you struggle with confidence in your final finishes this class is for you! 

Upon completion students will know how to: 

  • Find & inspect the perfect pieces for paint

  • Pro tips & trade secrets for every step of the process from clean to final staging 

  • Prep in all the right ways for beautiful color and coverage 

  • Isolate & repair water damage 

  • Adjust hardware & redrill for the  perfect layout every time 

  • Paint; brush, spray & rolling are featured

  • Glaze; all over and detail glazes

  • Seal; how to glaze for the most durable finish.  Sealed pieces are: heat, water & scratch resistant

  • Applique techniques & applications 

  • Gold Gilding 

  • Spray gun techniques & overview; both compressor guns & air guns are featured

  • how to create your own metallic paint using products from the Mermaid Paint line

  • Staging highlights

  • Pricing Guides 

  • Quick reference product guides 


Miranda, FL 

Nikki is so patient with new painters! 

Her energy is positive and relaxing. She will never make you feel like you have made a mistake. 

Her classes are very moldable to what it is your trying to learn or create. 

I gained so much trust from Nikki, I know she will always be there for my questions and provide advice if I’m not sure how to tackle a project no matter what time of day or on the weekend!

Screen Shot 2021-09-29 at 3.20_edited.jpg

Bella, Cape Cod MA

Mermaid paint is an extremely durable and clean finish paint that can top off any furniture. It covers extremely well and helps to hide all the bangs and bruises. Seaside seal also does an incredible job at keeping redone furniture looking brand new and fresh.

Throughout the process of refinishing your furniture, Nikki is a huge help and always loves to step in and give helpful feedback as well as give advice when asked for it. I did a glaze over my furniture piece and it gave it the perfect pop of color as well as the rustic look I was going for. The glaze makes it very easy to personalize a piece and doesn’t add much more work or stress as it is easy to wipe off and add more.

Screen Shot 2021-09-29 at 3.19_edited.jpg

Dawn, MA

 I loved using this line to refinish my liquor cabinet. Mermaid paint stays fresh and easy to use because you mix it on the spot and apply it in easy steps.

Nikki is very helpful and always answers your questions in a timely manner. What is truly amazing is the Seaside Seal - after almost a year of heavy-duty use (think lots of stuff being put and moved on this cabinet) it remains unscathed and as beautiful as ever. I highly recommend Shabby Chic’s top-notch products and customer service to transform your pieces into functional works of art!


What People Are Saying


Teaching in my passion. I love helping other mommas find their creative voices. I love seeing other women succeed.  I beleive there is room at the top for all of us to be successful. Kindness, compassion & friendship work towards the greater good.  Come join the fun! 

Nikki Bean, Creator Mermaid Paint, Business Coach, Instructor, Momma to 5, Wife,Sister & Friend. 



Fear is casued by lack of knowledge & experience



Is gained by learning enough that you are no longer in fear of 'how' to accomplish something, this process increases your value. how?


Quality & Value

When you gain knowledge & experience your Confidence grows. You're then able to offer higher quality & value to your clients 


Increased Profits

When you increas the value of what you are offering you can increase pricing to. 

Knowledge = Profits 

Increase Sales!