How am I different from the rest?

I specialize in one of a kind, high quality, hand-applied paint, and glazed finishes.  All of my pieces are professionally spray sealed for a showroom quality finish that is smooth to the touch, pleasing to the eye, durable for everyday lifestyles while remaining safe for child and pet-friendly homes. 


I have my own mineral paint called Mermiad Paint. My paint line offers the highest quality products.  


My finishes are water and scratch resistant, non-toxic, and SAFE for child and pet-friendly homes.  I do not use wax as seal because it is not permanent (has to be re-applied annually) and wax will become soft again with humidity or heat, therefor, it's not durable enough for my liking.  


My SeaSide Seal offers the highest durability out there, with it you can enjoy your furniture without worry! 


Ready for your quote? Text me pictures of your pieces 941-720-5383 to get started now :) 


I LOVE transforming pieces 

I love how painting furniture completely changes its energy.  Old and tired pieces become funky, fun, classy and stylish pieces that add character and personality to your home. 


Selecting the perfect Fine Finish option

Selecting finishes is fun and easy. Each custom paint order comes with a free color consultation which, in most cases, can start via text messaging.  So if you have a question don't hesitate to ask! Text away 941-720-5383. 


It's all about the details! 

I'm trained in all the unique application techniques that you'll find on Pinterest & popular HGTV style home shows, including but not limited to: glazing, dry brushing, professional spray sealing and hand applied combination finishes that are gorgeous, unique and durable. 


"Bringing out a piece's character with the perfect unique finish is my jam!" 

Ready for your quote? Text me pictures of your pieces 941-720-5383 to get started now :)