App Overview

Steps For Using
Spaces App

For your smart phone or tablet ( to access from your desktop simply choose programs & groups from your account profile after logging in) 

Step 1.
Create an account on the main page of my website www.shabbychicinc.com  ( take note of your email & password, you will need them later) 

Step 2. Install the app by clicking here

Step 3. Once app is installed, click invite code and type in code: UBDDUL

Step 4. Click okay and proceede to login screen.  

Step. 5. Login using the SAME email AND password you used on my website.  These have to match exactly. 

*note* if you have ever had an account with this app in the past or with wix DO NOT use your personal account login. Your login credentials MUST match the ones used to create your login on MY website in order to access your profile info associated with my website. 

Step 6. Watch video shown the right for layout of the app and next steps.

Questions? Text us 941-720-5383 we will respond to all questions during regular business hours