Hi, I'm Nikki AKA Momma Bean

 I'm a quirky, creative, shiplap loving, hammer swinging, essential oil sporting, hippy momma, and just recently added Mimi to my title! My family is the core of my life and I'm grateful every day for them. 

Other than my cozy couch, the beach is my favorite place to be and I find that the colors of the ocean often work their magical way into my creative process. If you hadn't yet guessed, teal is my favorite color, every single shade of it!  


I love everything about my job, helping my clients turn their houses into homes fills me up with joy.  This is my passion and it's exactly what I'm supposed to be doing with my life. That feels pretty darn good! 


It has been my dream since I started this paint journey to one day have my own paint line and that dream came true! My paint line launched in the fall of 2020 and my job got a lot sweeter! 


I have always been blessed to have work from home businesses that have allowed me to stay home with my babies. My kiddos are all adults now but ONE THING I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT  is This new paint launch journey has opened up the opportunity for me to offer classes to stay at home mommas (and all other humans) who want to increase their cash flow while being home with their babies.  


This is an amazing industry to get into and has much earning potential.  Be sure to check out my classes for more info.  Business classes coming soon too! 



Happy Painting!  


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