Hi, I'm Nikki AKA Momma Bean

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Hi! I am Nikki Owner of Shabby Chic Shenanigans and creator of Mermaid Mineral Powder & Mermaid paint.

My Background:
I have ten years of experience in the furniture flipping market and started out just like you, at the beginning. Prior to this, I was a pregnancy and newborn photographer for 20 years. I truly have loved both of these journeys and have found that one journey really picked up where the last one ended in perfect universal synced energy. All of the years of photography taught me how to be creative and trust my creative instincts, it also taught me to pay close attention to detail and both definitely play with the world of color and light in a fairy-tale meets real-life sort of way. 


My passion:
I love teaching, it's of my biggest passions, prior to teaching furniture flipping I used my teaching skills to lead workshops for photographers wanting to increase their creativity and skillsets to students from all over the world. 


My Motivation vibe:
I believe that knowledge is power and that we are all born creative. It's true that if a student is taught in the right way and has things explained to them in the right way, they can be successful with their new knowledge and I believe in the power of lifting each other up and help each other be the best versions of ourselves we can be.

I am a visual learner who struggled in school due to learning disabilities. I teach in a visual way because not only is that my personal style it's also how most creatives learn.


There are no stupid questions only unasked questions. In my world, I believe in seeking answers and find resolutions to problems. Please ask questions as move through the class. I welcome them and I am here for you as your teacher and mentor.  

three random facts:
I'm a momma to 5 and Mimi to 3. I'm happily married to my soulmate. I love the ocean, mermaids, and the color teal! 


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